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Florida Southern District Court - Case 0:22-cv-60310 - Africa International Mining Procurement v. ROHAN MOWATT, PHILLIP G. BROWN
Florida Southern District Court - Case 0:20-cv-62078-RKA - Africa International Mining Procurement v. ROHAN MOWATT, PHILLIP G. BROWN,_CC__v_Fuel_Reformation,_Inc_et_al


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Rohan Mowatt Bryan Shobe Consulting Bryan Shobe Tampa Florida Bryan Shobe PawsPlus [email protected] Advanced Performance Materials LLC (APM) APM is your one-stop in-house technology center. Your go to place to access any support you need for your manufacturing business. We will take care of your manufacturing operation whether you need assistance selection and sourcing raw materials, product and technology development or market creation. We serve manufacturing businesses across the spectrum. UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF FLORIDA FORT LAUDERDALE DIVISION AFRICA INTERNATIONAL MINING PROCUREMENT, CC, d/b/a AFRICA INTERNATIONAL, a foreign corporation, Plaintiff, v. FUEL REFORMATION, INC., a Delaware corporation, and PHILLIP G. BROWN, an individual, Defendants. CASE NO.: 20-62078-CIV-ALTMAN/Hunt AMENDED COMPLAINT Plaintiff, AFRICA INTERNATIONAL MINING PROCUREMENT, CC, doing business as AFRICA INTERNATIONAL (“Plaintiff”), hereby sues Defendants, FUEL REFORMATION, INC., a Delaware corporation (“FRI”), and PHILLIP G. BROWN (“Brown”), an individual, (together, “Defendants”), and states and alleges as follows: PARTIES, JURISDICTION, AND VENUE 1. Plaintiff, an alien corporation, is duly incorporated and existing under the laws of South Africa and having its principal place of business in X 5, Gauteng, South Africa. 2. FRI is a corporation duly incorporated and existing under the laws of the State of Delaware and having its principal place of business in Miami-Dade County, Florida. FRI is registered with the Florida Secretary of State to conduct business in the On information and belief, Brown, as an individual and as an agent of FRI, is using an alias to evade service of process and intentionally concealing his whereabouts to evade service of process. 15. Specifically, Plaintiff’s investigations show a current address for Brown of 619 N. Andrews Avenue, #413, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33311. Thus, on January 28, 2021, Plaintiff attempted to serve Brown and FRI at the 619 N. Andrews address, and an individual identifying himself as “Phillip A. Aarons” answered the door and represented to the process server that he was not Brown and that no individual by that name resided at the property. Upon request, this individual presented the process server with a Florida Driver License that contained a picture of himself and listed the name of “Phillip Anthony Aarons.” On information and belief, the purported Phillip A. Aarons shares the same birthday, social security number, and residential address as Phillip G. Brown. As a result, the process server left a copy of the process with the purported Phillip A. Aarons, who is believed to be Phillip G. Brown but utilizing the alias “Phillip A. Aarons” (or vice versa). APM Technology Center: Product formulation Required raw materials selection and sourcing Product sampling Mass manufacturing Market entry APM Industry Segment: Consumer product and solution Technical products and solutions Construction product and solution Automotive products and solutions Aerospace products and solutions Battery and Supercapacitors Cleaning and polishing products and solutions APM Products: Advanced Thermal Insulation Decorative Biopolymer Films. Performance Wood Foam Sheets Performance PVC Foam Sheets Performance PET Foam Sheets Advanced Thermal Insulation Additives Performance EMI Shielding Additives Performance Heterogeneous Catalysts Performance Water Treatment Additives Advanced Nanofiber Additives Sustainable Polymer-biofiber Composites Fuel Reformation Inc. is an alternative fuel oil technology company marketing fuel emulsion equipment and processes to give large volume fuel users a substantial cost savings while also drastically reducing harmful emissions. Fuel Reformation Inc. is an alternative fuel oil technology company marketing fuel emulsion equipment and processes to give large volume fuel users a substantial cost savings while also drastically reducing harmful emissions. Why, Fuel Reformation Inc? Reformation Fuel (R-Fuel) is an ideal alternative for heavy users of diesel and Heavy Fuel Oils(HFO) who wish to reduce their costs and emissions without extra expense. This new emulsion fuel developed by Fuel Reformation enhances an existing fuel using patented core technology. These enhancements allow for better efficiencies, stable fuels, and greater savings than before available in emulsion fuel. The primary market focus includes power generation, mining, and transportation. Fuel Reformation delivers high performance emulsion fuel based on the users’ fuel, simultaneously reducing emissions and increasing economy. Water-fuel emulsions have been attempted for many years. However, until recent technological developments, the resulting fuel was inefficient, producing less energy, limited in use and unstable, with the emulsion quickly breaking down and resulting in damage to equipment. Fuel Reformation has found the answer to these problems with R-Fuel. Using new submicron-level processes, the water and fuel are combined to leave molecular scale films of fuel in the emulsion while reducing the fuel to 70% content by volume. The R-Fuel operates in both internal combustion engines and external combustion applications with no loss of BTU, calorific heat, horsepower or kinetic work output by volume. This is because of the highly efficient deflagration of the thin fuel film. The result is significant, below-market fuel cost savings by volume, while also drastically reducing toxic emissions and particulates. The machinery used to produce R-Fuel is called a Fuel Reformation Unit (“FRU”), which is professionally operated and economical for fuel users with daily fuel oil consumption greater than 36,000 U.S. Gallons. The emulsified R-Fuel is as stable as conventional fuel, cannot cause harm to equipment*, while it actually reduces overall maintenance costs.